Career & Technical Education Survey
One of the goals of our school district is make available to all students opportunities to become aware of, explore, and plan for a career that will prepare our students to be as self-sufficient as possible, and to be responsible, respectful, contributing members of society. To assist us in attaining this goal, we need your help to assess how we are doing in preparing out students for the “real world”. Would you please take a few minutes and complete the following survey about Career and Technical Education (CTE)? CTE involves Agriculture, Business, Family and Consumer Education, Health Occupations, Marketing, and Tech Ed programs.

For each of the following, please choose the response that best reflects how you feel about the statement or topic listed. For the first 2 items, please use the drop down menu and click on your choice. For the rest, place a check mark in the space that represents your answer. Thank you in advance for your help.
Which School District are you associated with?
What is your relationship to your school district?
There are opportunities for all students at our schools to explore and plan for many different career areas.
All students are provided counseling, guidance, and advice on careers and career planning.
All students regardless of gender, have access to, and are encouraged to enroll in any CTE courses offered.
All students have the opportunity to earn industry recognized certifications such as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), a welding certification, computer program related (Ex: MS Office User Specialist), or others.
Our school offers work-based learning opportunities where a student has a part-time job linked to a CTE class or program. Some examples are Youth Apprenticeship, State Coop, local coop programs.
All our students have the opportunity to earn technical college credits by taking and passing least 1 CTE course.
Graduates from our high school are prepared to enter the world of work or continue in post-secondary education.
All our students have the opportunity to join a Career and Technical Education Student Organization such as FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, DECA, or Skills-USA.
There are plenty of chances for our students to visit post-secondary CTE related training programs at public or private universities and/or technical colleges.
Special Populations students are those who are physically, mentally, and/or could be emotionally handicapped. They could be non-English speaking learners, single teen parents or pregnant teens, economically disadvantaged students, homeless students, foster care youth, and/or students of one or more parents who are active in the military. They could also be non-traditional career/training students. These are students who are taking a course or seeking a career most often held by someone of the opposite gender. At our school, these Special Populations students have the same opportunities to access and are encouraged to take CTE courses, as non-Special Populations students.
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