#coinBlockLog AIRDROP Campaign
This is our token airdrop.
We have allocated 30,000 PROD tokens for 10,000 adopters.
You will receive your 3 tokens after airdrop (~30.06.18) if you perform all of the following simple actions today:

1) Join our Telegram Chat https://t.me/coinblockchat and write good words about the website coinBlockLog;
2) Invite your 3+ friends to our Telegram Chat https://t.me/coinblockchat
3) You must register on the page https://coinblocklog.io/register/
4) You need to make a positive comment under any publication on the website coinBlockLog;
5) Share the hashtag #coinBlockLog and the link to this form https://goo.gl/forms/XLZo1pndlUNlmVH03 on any Social Media.

Note: You must remain member of coinBlockLog Telegram chat https://t.me/coinblockchat even after the airdrop.

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