Student / Family Survey
This survey is intended to capture important student/family information and needs that have stemmed from the global pandemic. In the next few weeks a great deal of information will be shared with you once our reopening plan is completed. One of the most significant parts of our plan is offering distance/virtual learning as an option for parents. This option will allow a student to participate in classes (via Google Meet) and still be a member of the class, while doing so from home rather than in the school building. This will be available to all, but will be primarily utilized for students with existing medical conditions making them high-risk individuals and for families that do not feel comfortable sending their student(s) into a school building.
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What impact has the pandemic had on your family? *
Is there access to reliable internet in the student’s home(s)? *
Now that you are aware that virtual/distance learning is an option, are you considering or planning on having your student “opt out” of in-person learning for virtual/distance learning due to medical conditions or concerns for a return to in-person learning? *
Does the student have a medical condition(s) that would create symptoms that could be misinterpreted as COVID-19 symptoms (if, marked yes please explain in the next question) ? *
If the previous question is yes, please explain here (list explanations of conditions and symptoms) . *
Do you have additional questions/concerns regarding the reopening of school (if so, please list those questions here)? *
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