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Please complete all areas on the form to update our records. Not all items require an answer and anything you share may be seen by others. Accuracy is important and information provided will be used to maintain contact and to keep everyone informed of up coming Beach Patrol activities. Do not complete more than one time. You will receive an immediate acknowledgement (pop up) to indicate that the form has been successfully sent.
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This will help others to recognize you from your time with the Patrol.
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List all years or a range if consecutive years (1964, 1965 - 1969)
What is the highest rank you attained? *
Where did you live during your time with the Beach Patrol?
Did you live in the baraks?  Did you live with a group?
What area of the beach did you work?
If more than one area specify by year.
What were some of the names of others that worked with you?
This will help connect people to each other. (Include e-mail’s, phone numbers, etc if possible)
Alumni events?
Typically, every three years our Alumni plan to get together for our Reunion. At that time, we offer many activities and competitive events such as: the Lucky Jordan swim / sprint, a golf outing and an era volleyball competition. If you are interested, specify what events you may be interested in joining at the reunion or even at another time?  This will assist us in the planning of the events.  Additionally, indicate whether you might be interested in planning one of the events.
Would you be interested in serving on our Alumni committee for the next Reunion?
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What extra Beach Patrol Activities were you a part of?
Competitions, Teams, Special ops, ETC.
What is your fondest memory of the OCBP?
Post Beach Patrol Career / activities.
What have you done since leaving the Patrol or if you had a career while still on the Patrol what did you do?
Please give any additional information or comments that you would like other alumni to know.
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