TEDxUofM Award for Innovation Application 2019
The TEDxUofM Award for Innovation is a $1,000 annual scholarship that is given to an individual or group in the UofM community to further their inspirational idea to make a difference. The TEDxUofM Award for Innovation celebrates putting imaginative and ingenious ideas into impactful action.

The application for the TEDxUofM Award for Innovation closes January 18th.

Email rwalia@umich.edu or malanac@umich.edu with any questions or concerns.
(Please keep all answers under 200 words)

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Please list the names of all individuals involved in project *
What is your affiliation with the University of Michigan? *
Please provide an overview of your idea along with your vision. *
What drove you to become passionate about your idea? *
What makes your project worth sharing? *
The theme for the TEDxUofM 2019 Conference is Absolute Zero. What does "Absolute Zero" mean to you and how do you see it relating to your project?
What challenges have you faced so far in developing your project idea? These can be present or foreseeable. *
Please provide a timeline of your project. Be as specific as possible. *
Please provide a detailed budget of your project. How will the $1000 impact your budget? *
What University affiliated resources have you used so far or do you plan to use? *
You are welcome to upload any documents (images, videos, excel sheets, etc.) to supplement your application. This is not required though!
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