Rural Trends in Europe as seen by citizens
PREPARE Rural Trends Webinar background survey. We would like to know about trends in your countries. Please respond before 20th of November. The collected data is used for the purposes of the webinar 27.11.2020 and to advocacy work within PREPARE Partnership for Rural Europe and the European Rural Parliament.

Guidelines to answer the form:
By “trend” we understand shorter or longer term, existing or changing trends/factors in the rural area you are referring to (being local, regional, national...).

For the last two questions on “Rural trends 1 and 2” we want you to tick other issues affecting your rural areas:
Rural trends 1 are seen as more negative trends (you may choose many options) and you can tick "other" if you wish to add negative trends. Rural trends 2 is seen as more positive trends. Tick on other if you want to add positive trends.

Finally you can comment on the additional trends you chose in the the two previous questions.

Your organisation and/or your name.
Your country
Please describe the rural trend or trends in your country you want to elaborate on.
Please describe the context related to the trend/trends you chose in your country (geographical area of the trend, political, economic, discriminative, social, generational, climate, other...)
Rural Trends 1
Rural Trends 2
Please elaborate on the choices made in the two previous questions
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