AI Forecast Model Development Questionnaire

This questionnaire has been curated to collect essential insights from our customers who are interested in developing an AI forecast model with Predict Expert AI.

The ten questions aim to grasp details pertaining to the target event/metric for prediction, forecast frequency, data types and preprocessing, desired forecast accuracy, need for confidence intervals, software compatibility, ethical considerations, project timeline, and budget.

The information you provide will allow us to comprehend your requirements and build an AI model tailored to meet your unique needs. Each response will facilitate a better understanding of how the model should function and how it can maximally benefit your business operations. Your thorough and thoughtful answers will be the cornerstone of our collaborative work in creating an effective and efficient AI forecast model.

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What is the main event or metric that you want to forecast with this AI model?

How frequently would you like the forecasts to be made (e.g., hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually)?

What kind of data do you have available for building the AI model (e.g., historical data, real-time data, a combination)?

In what format is your data currently in, and does it need to be cleaned or preprocessed?

What is the importance level of accuracy for the forecasts produced by the AI model?

Do you require the forecast to be accompanied by confidence intervals or measures of uncertainty?

Are there specific software tools or systems that the AI forecast model needs to be compatible with?

Considering the intended use of the AI model, are there any data privacy or ethical considerations that should be emphasized?

What is your target timeline for developing and deploying this AI forecast model?

What is your projected budget for creating this AI forecast model?

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