Section I - Demographics
Please answer each of the following questions by filling in the blanks with the correct answers or by choosing the best answer
Full Name
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Address & Email id Phone number
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Q2.Birth Date
Q4.How many years have you been living with diabetes?
Q5. Any other medical problem apart from diabetes?
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Q6. What is your marital status? (check one box)
Q7. If married , how many kids you have
Q8. What is your highest formal education completed?
Q9.Which of the following best describes your current employment status? (check one box)
Q9.Do you test your blood sugar? (check one box)
Q9a.How many days a week do you test your blood sugar ? (days/week)
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Q9b.On days that you test, how many times do you test?(times/day)
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Q9c.Do you keep a record of your blood sugar test  results? (check one box)
Are you on insulin pump?
Q11. Are you on injections?
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