Parent Portal - Forgotten Password
Use this form if you have forgotten your password or username for the Parent Portal system. Use this form only if you have received a Parent Portal account in the past. If you have not yet requested an account, please go back to the Parent Portal Information page, and click on the link for "Parent Portal Request Form"
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Parent Portal login information is sent via email, and we will send the password information to the email address we have on file for you. If the email address listed below does not match the email we have on file, we cannot send you the information.
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If you can't remember your Username, please note that below.
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Please provide a phone number we can use to contact you in case we have any questions about resetting your account. Please list the 10-digit number with no spaces or dashes. Do not include a "1" in front of the number. For example: 636231200 is correct. 636-231-2000 cannot be accepted by our system.
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