2018 Clowns at the Circus Camp Application
July 16 -- July 27
Murphy Fine Arts Center
2201 Argonne Dr, Baltimore, MD 21218

Please complete one form for each child who will be attending camp. We will send a camp packet with additional information about daily schedule, activities, recommended supplies and other camp procedures as we get closer to camp. Don't hesitate to call Brian at 410-925-1738 or email francoise.brian@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. We can't wait to play! Maurice, Brian, Kolleen, and Bobby :0)
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Payment Information
The two week camp tuition is $450 per child. We gladly will accept your full payment now. However, please send a minimum deposit of $200 (per child) to ensure your child's slot is secure. Confirmation of registration will be sent after we receive your deposit. If preferable, please request a PayPal INVOICE from Brian Francoise at francoise.brian@gmail.com.

The balance will be due on the first day of camp. Send a check made payable to Brian Francoise: 1232 Northview Rd., Baltimore, MD 21218. Thank you for including the name(s) of the children for whom the deposit applies.

For those in need of financial assistance or would like more information about scholarships, see the links to the forms at http://snapbaltimore.org/clowns-at-the-circus-camp/ OR please email francoise.brian@gmail.com to inquire.
Are you interested in aftercare till 5:30pm? (The camp ends at 3:00pm.)
This option will cost $50 per week and is due the first day of camp. NOTE: On Thursday, July 26th, we may ask campers to extend the day in preparation for our end of camp performance for family and friends.
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