Feedback on Experiences with Law Enforcement
JCADA is collecting information about clients' interactions with law enforcement. This information will be shared anonymously with partner organizations to help improve survivors' experiences with law enforcement. JCADA may also use these responses in various ways to help improve policing responses. If you have any questions, contact
Have you interacted with law enforcement due to power-based violence (domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, stalking or harassment)?
What prompted you to call law enforcement?
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Was anyone arrested in your interaction with law enforcement?
Was your interaction with law enforcement:
I believe that the police were fair to me during the interaction.
I believe that police treated me with respect and sensitivity during the interaction.
I believe that the police believed what I was saying and allowed me to tell my story.
The police offered me the assistance of an advocate, a counselor, or an attorney.
The police gave me information about the police process or resources available to me.
Did the police make a report when they responded to your incident?
If they did not make a report, why?
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Do you feel comfortable calling law enforcement if there is another incident?
If you do not feel comfortable calling law enforcement, why?
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All feedback will be anonymous unless you provide us with any contact information below.
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