Documents Demonstrating Resistance
Resistance often is a reaction to genuine or perceived oppression. Keeping that in mind, what in your collection demonstrates actions, philosophies, lifestyles, or other forms of resistance? What documents would help readers in the general public understand what people were resisting? Please use the form below to describe the documents. Documents can be manuscript, archival, or printed, and can be a single document or a set of documents.

Please use the form as many times as you want to enter different sets of materials. Please fill out as many areas of the form as you can; however, if you cannot answer all the questions, we would prefer to know about potential materials of interest even without complete information.
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Who is named in the document(s)?
Main participants are fine; your answer does not have to be comprehensive
Who is *not* named in the document(s)?
To answer this question, think about extras in a movie. They aren't named characters and may not even speak, but the scene wouldn't be the same without them. Who in the document(s) is the equivalent of "Girl No. 3" or "crying child?"
Where do the events described in the documents take place?
What is at those sites now?
Where did the people mentioned in the documents live?
What is at those sites now?
Where did the buildings or structures mentioned or described in the document(s) stand?
Name of street where buildings or structures mentioned or described in the document(s) stood
Please provide street name, if available
What is at those sites now?
How might issues raised in the documents be categorized in the 21st century? *
What religious and/or ethnic communities are mentioned in the resistance or targeted in the oppression? *
Please include groups who are now considered white but were formerly considered ethnic minorities. Please consider how the groups were categorized at the time of the document and how persons outside the field of archives might categorize them in the 21st century.
Is there a finding aid/ catalog record for these materials? (Please link, if so)
Are any of these materials digitized?
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