A Unique Transformational Retreat “Under Your Skin”
Conscious Retreat: 9 Days of Transformation

MEXICO, ‪November 20-28‬ | Cancun/Tulum‬‬‬‬/Private Island
MEXICO, ‪December 6-14‬ | Cancun/Tulum‬‬‬‬/Private Island

A time has come to transform your holidays into an Authentic Journey where you can begin and then continue a lifestyle of Health and Transformation. We invite you to experience stunning Mexico, as well as hop on the boat of conscious holidaying! This retreat is designed to bring Inner Balance to your body, mind, heart and soul in a gentle and supportive way, offering you the opportunity to reset and (re)connect with yourself while you relax, renew and enjoy a different approach to Well-Being.

The powerful 7-day experiential program “Under Your Skin” is custom-built to be deep, intensive and effective Developmental Process, which supports you to find Inner Resources to transform your life. Integrating the most effective methods of working on your body and mind, professional team to guide you deeper into your Consciousness, latest research inputs to the integrated nutrition and daily workshop programs, all this work teaches tools to access and develop your Emotional Intelligence, facilitating a shift in Self-Awareness, Body Wisdom & Energy level. This inner shift has a direct effect on your state of well-being, motivation, outer confidence and interpersonal relationships.

Outstanding team of Personal Transformation guides & healers - Maya, Jurate and Mario - will share techniques and insights learned over 15 years of intensive working within the realm of Body/Mind/Spirit. Through daily conscious practice and breath-work, plant-based vibrant nutrition, unique modalities of bodywork, meaningful workshops and guided meditations you’ll open up the door to meet and embrace your Inner Essence. All of this – under the magic Mexican sky, full of mysticism, pristine beaches, outdoor adventures and gorgeous sights.

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