DOC 6th Bake Sale Fall 2019
For our sixth bake sale we are switching it up with Butter Chicken Mac and Cheese! Come out to support and invite all of your friends! Our bake sale will be held on THURSDAY, November 7th from 11:30AM-4PM at UC Food Court Table 2. Take a break in between your classes and come hang out with the officers and fellow members! Don't forget to bring donations, homemade or bought, and help us prepare foods at the bake sale! Hope to see you there! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our Fundraising Director, Kathy Nguyen.
Volunteer: 10 points/hr
Donation: 10 points/item
Thursday, November 7th 11:30AM - 4:00PM @ UC South Food Court Table #2
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Thank you for signing up for our bake sale! Please be punctual to the time you signed up for. Any donations will be accepted at the bake sale!
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