Le festival des Clowns de Montréal

Founded in 2016, MTL Clowns is dedicated to forwarding the craft of clown by providing the opportunity for audiences and clowns to assemble, present work, and learn through performance, workshops, discussions, and from each other. We showcase original works that fall under the Clown, Bouffon or Physical Theatre spectrum. Montreal is celebrated as a bilingual city and the Circus capital of Canada. We welcome French, English, as well as all languages including but not limited to Nonsensical Clown language and gibberish.

Celebrating our 5th year, the 2020 festival will take place from October 1st - 4th in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

We are currently seeking applications for clown shows ranging from 15 - 60 minutes. Shows will be selected based on quality, style, and experience to create a well-rounded and unique festival. Please note that our programming will strive to offer a platform for all experience levels while representing the many styles and techniques of clown and celebrating the bilingual heritage of our city.

Each applicant will be contacted by mid-April 2019 regarding the status of their application.

Deadline to apply is April 1st!

Companies from outside Montreal are encouraged to apply for travel grants. MTL Clown Fest will provide letters of support as needed. MTL Clown Fest will do its best to provide billets for out of town artists.

Applicants who have not paid the mandatory, non-refundable, 20$ application fee*, and/or do not have their work accessible for the jury to evaluate will not be considered for a spot in this festival.

*Application fees help the producing company, MTL Clowns, maintain a healthy financial state. In the case where the application fee is a deterrent, we encourage applicants to write us with a request to waive the fee based on the applicant’s financial or social situation.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!

Vanessa Rigaux
Artistic Director
Le Festival des Clowns de Montréal
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Support Material
Please send clearly labeled images (ARTIST_SHOW_PHOTOGRAPHER) to mtlclownfest@gmail.com as a zip file, wetransfer or dropbox link.)

-Include one image to be used as main publicity photo and up to 10 images of the show.
-Include a Vimeo or YouTube Link to view video. Include password if protected.

Application Fee
Please pay your $20 application fee here: send etransfer to mtlclownfest@gmail.com
I understand there is a 20$ application fee, and have sent an etransfer to mtlclownfest@gmail.com (Canadian funds only) *
I understand that MTL Clown Fest may use my images and video relevant to the 2020 festival for future publicity
I understand it is my responsibility to have a stage manager
I understand it is my responsibility to find travel to and from Montreal
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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