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Hello, this is Ashlyn Hunter and Sharisa You! We are two high school students from The Bishop's School in San Diego, California! Our passion is teaching other kids different performing arts so we formed this 501(c)3 nonprofit "Inspiring Tomorrow's Performers." Our goal is to be able to teach and spread our passion for the performing arts to all kinds of students! Do not be intimidated if you don't know how to dance, act, or sing, we welcome all levels of performers!

This opportunity also allows you to get up and get some physical activity after a long week of school and online classes. We hope that this time can also be used as a creative outlet. These workshops also really help with confidence and public speaking skills. Students will also be able to meet and make friends with other students from all across the country. We hope that you will join us every Sunday!

This form just puts you on an email list. Each week before our next workshop we will send out an email briefing on what we will be teaching and you can choose if you want to sign up. We teach a huge variety of performing arts including different styles of dance, singing, music, acting, and improv. We highly encourage you to join all our workshops and get the full experience but you are not obligated to come to every single one. You can also just pick and choose what arts you enjoy or want to try!  

Please reach out to us at if you have more questions.
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