Latch Game Survey
After playing through our game LATCH, answer this quick survey about your opinions and experiance on the game. All feedback welcome.
How much did you enjoy your experiance playing Latch? *
Hated it
Loved it
Were you able to complete the level? *
Did you understand the objective of the game? *
Was it easy to understand how to play the game? *
Did you enjoy how the game controlled? *
How easy was it to control Latch (the player)? *
Very Easy
How easy was it to use the various magnet controls? *
Very Easy
Did you develop any sort of strategy to get through the level? *
How were the enemies? *
Did you like the art of the game? *
Was there anything that was confusing or frustrating? *
Were there any problems you had with the level itself? If so what were they? *
Was the level a good length? *
Did you find yourself taking your time with the game or were you trying to speedrun it? *
Were there any elements of the game that you found frustrating? If so what were they? *
What did you enjoy most about the game? *
What did you enjoy the least about the game? *
If there was anything you could change about the game, what would it be? *
What is the best name for this game in your opinion? *
Can you see yourself playing more of this game in the future? *
Are there any additional comments you'd like to make about the game? *
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