I want to join the +1000 coins Parovoz branch.
In order to be joined in Parovoz PRIZM team, you must buy at least 50 coins on the PRISMEX exchange within the last 3 days https://prizmex.ru/

If you still didn’t buy coins you can buy them on the stock. Then bring them to your second - transit - temporary wallet. After the command of the coupler, you will transfer them to your own wallet after its activation.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Firstly, follow the rules of security. If one time you’ll put your password on the wrong website, your coins will be stolen just in couple seconds. Parovoz PRIZM NEVER sends messages on your emails with links attached there and never asks anybody to open these links. Don’t open any links which have been sent to you from allegedly PRIZM support or any other’s participants of cryptocurrency PRIZM. What is the main purpose of such a warning? There are lots of fishing websites, that’s why you should be warned. Use only official PRIZM wallet from GitHub.

Create a bookmark in your browser to this page.

You should go to the wallet using directly this website. Don’t even try to find PRIZM wallet by searching it on google or some others searching engines. There is a high chance that you’ll face fishing, fraud websites, then they’ll get access to your password from your wallet. Don’t put your coins in a risk. All legitimate links only are on the Parovoz website and on git hub:

https://github.com/prizmspace/PrizmCore (save this link)

Registration in the +1000 branch is only possible if your balance has a minimum of at least 1000 coins in your dispose of.

By all participants of Parovoz PRIZM were taken shared decision that in our team nobody is going to low balance below the minimum level which was accepted on 50 coins for branch +50 and 1000 coins for branch +1000.

If you reduce your balance lower accepted minimum, then you will forever lose VIP status on the stock exchange PRISMEX which is giving the right to sell coins with a low Commission on the exchange.

Video instruction how to get in Parovoz PRIZM team: https://youtu.be/MK1z2bqi4SA
Email address *
Attention! Exam this picture steadily.
If there is someone who still didn’t get it, just watch that video. The basic information, shortly and powerfully.
Read every word in this worksheet – this is very important.
Your profit with Parovoz team:
Attention! Attention! Attention! Attention! And one more time I’ll write this word again: Attention! Before you’re going put down your wallet’s details in this form, check out your wallet by log in and log out the procedure. What for? Before that wallet will be activated, you need to be sure that you’re log in and log out from the same wallet, because if you change one letter in your password, you will be automatically inter in another wallet. So here you must be very serious and put all your accuracy here.
Right now, save this link and add it to your favorites for creating your own wallet:https://wallet.prizm.space/index.html
1. Put an address of your empty non-activated wallet. It must be empty before we’re going to activate it by 0,11 PRIZM incoming transaction.
For example PRIZM-2F4X-CSWZ-8EQ4-44B26 this is your wallet and it’s on way to be linked in our team. Later you will put all your coins there. All your future Prizm are going to grow by very fast speed after you sent 0,11 PRIZM to the next car. We’re calling new wallets like “cars” of the train because we’re helping them to be linked like one train has many cars behind it, so that’s why our team calls Parovoz, which means train.
Your answer
2. Put your public key of your new wallet
Your answer
3. If you’ve coins, put down the address of that wallet.
If you don’t have it, left this field empty
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4. What’s your name?
Your answer
5. Your phone number
Your answer
6. After finishing this form by clicking bottom ok, you’ll see contact details with all information of our coupler.
С 17 июня по 23 июня включительно
skype - abasileus
vk - https://vk.com/napalmius
telegam @abasileus
WA +380638119868
viber +380985594727

Our working time schedule
с 12:00 до 14:00
с 20:00 до 22:00 Москвы
7. Where are you planning to buy coins?
Text instruction step-by-step how to buy it: ПРИЗМЕКС https://goo.gl/8NugTi

video instruction step-by-step how to buy it: ПРИЗМЕКС https://youtu.be/uZ-ei7nBCJM
8. Your email
Your answer
9. Your skype
Your answer
10. Vk link (likely)
Your answer
11. Your time zone link to Moscow time.
We don’t want to bother you in the night time.
12. Which city are you from?
Your answer
13. ) If you can’t fulfill the all procedure yourself, you must write down contact details with who we can have a connection. If you’re willing to connect several men, you should write down in that way: “responsible for connection process”(your telephone number) and put the number how many of you. For example, there are 5 men, you should create 5 forms like this one. We’re going to connect with and later in detail talk about cooperation in connecting you to our team.
Your answer
14. After finishing this connection form before you got connected, you should be close to your cell phone. If you don’t PRIZM coins, you should put your money on a stock PRIZMEX.RU.
Instruction is lower: https://goo.gl/ZdrRWB
15. Pay the registration fee.
The registration fee will cost you in the amount of 50 PRIZM coins. If you’re leaving +50 branch to join branch +1000 it will cost you less than 50 PRIZM, only 35 PRIZM coins.

Lower you can see all the details of the wallet when registration fee should be paid



You can install PRIZM wallet from Playmarket on your phone and then scan it by QR directly from App. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=group.prizm.PrizmWallet
16. Registration fee is 50 coins
From +50 to +1000 it cost less, only 35 PRIZM coins
17. Your birth date.
18. What time suits you the most to be connected?
Your answer
19. Your level of competence
You should evaluate by yourself
20. Who told you about Parovz PRIZM team? *
This information for the bounty “New cars” competition. You can indicate the number of wallet who has invited you or left it empty if you yourself found that information, or write down any other information about the person who has invited you here.
Your answer
Attention! The minimum you balance should be 1000 PRIZM coins, otherwise, you will be blocked on PRIZMEX.RU and we’re not going to allow registration for such persons in a second time.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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