Ape O'Clock Content Writer Application

* Fluent or near-fluent in English
* Exceptional attention to detail
* Top notch research skills
* Ability to work independently and self-motivate
* Defi, degen crypto experience


Content writers are compensated on a per-piece basis. For each launch post you create that is successfully reviewed and published, you earn $5 USD. If your work is exceptional and requires very few edits, the $5 per piece rate may be raised.

Payment is made every Sunday for the past week's work. You will receive BUSD to the BSC wallet you provide.


How much you work and when you work is up to you. You are not required to work at any given time, and you are not required to complete a certain number of posts per week or per day.
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Work Sample
In order to assess your research and writing ability, you will submit a work sample below.


Please write a launch post for an upcoming project. It cannot be a project that we have already posted about.

* Must follow the Ape O'Clock style (see our existing posts and model your post after them)
* Must include the information typically included in a launch post (see our existing posts for what information we typically include in a launch post)
* Make sure to include any links to socials, contracts, audits, KYC, etc. that are typically included in our launch posts
* Format the date and time of the launch in UTC -7
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Thank you!
Thank you for your interest in working with Ape O'Clock. If we find your information to be a match for our needs, you will be contacted via Telegram.
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