LES History Month: Invitation to Participate
Each May, Lower East Side-based cultural and community groups come together to participate in Lower East Side (LES) History Month, an annual celebration of the rich, diverse history of New York City’s Lower East Side. Conceived and launched by LES-based cultural and community groups, including FABnyc, LES History Month aims to connect our present to our past, exploring how our history can inform and inspire our future.

In 2016, over 80 groups and institutions came together to celebrate this wonderful neighborhood we work, live, and play in; this 2017, we look forward to making even more connections and rally together to remind New York City - and beyond - of the value and vibrancy here in the Lower East Side.

Please fill up the form below to share how you are intending on participating this year so we can include it in upcoming press releases and/or connect you to other resources.

May 2017

SUBMISSION DEADLINE for inclusion in early press:
MONDAY, March 13th 2016

If you have any questions, please email Deloris at deloris@fabnyc.org

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