VSOLU - is a representation of "We -Solve -You" a brainchild and initiative by AFMOI -Founder Prabhu Swaminathan who has dedicated his life to transforming people's lives for universal well-being. As a professional, he is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Innovation & Business Strategy Consultant.

He is more often called a Self-Esteem Catalyst as he has invested his life in transforming the lives of more than 8525 people in the last 3 years across the personal, professional, social and spiritual spectrum of their life.

This initiative is another brainchild of Prabhu Swaminathan where he believes he can provide life evolving and transforming solutions to people in the areas of personal, professional, social & spiritual aspects of life.

You can post your queries by filling this form and get the time slot for a direct Video Call with Mr. Prabhu Swaminathan for 1 Hour to 2 hours in one stretch . Depending on the need multiple sessions may also proceed.

It's a paid session but there is no minimum or maximum service fee.

The customers or the participants choose to pay as per his/her value perceived.

He believes that his purpose and intent to solve the problem of people's lives would be rewarded by the same people with the right value according to the impact or solution they have perceived.

As per fees suggested by the participant, an invoice shall be raised with taxes and the participant can pay accordingly.

He trusts his solutions. He trusts his value. He trusts you all.

Fill this form to post your problem area and get the slot to discuss wherever you are in this world.

He has transformed many lives and he believes some people are born to transform the lives of others.

To know more about AFMOI visit www.afmoi.in and to know more about Prabhu Swaminathan visit www.prabhuswaminathan.in

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