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The Cowrie Market runs on the 3rd Sunday of the month September-April 10am-3pm.
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Stage Rig provided
A Peavey PA system is provided including 2x PV112 full range speakers and a single SP118 18” sub for FOH and 3x PV15m stage wedges. vocal/instrument mics and DI’s are also provided. You can bring your own mics as well if you wish. However you MUST use the provided PA system.
You will need to bring your own backline (i.e. Drum kit, amps etc).
This is housed under 6x4m Marquee.
The stage is located off Elephant Walk Reserve in Torquay. Go through the "stall holders entrance" next to the playground entrance and you can park behind the stage. Please leave the market site immediately after your set.
Musicians are paid a small performance fee at this event. You will be given an approximate quote upon enquiry, this amount is confirmed closer to the event.
You are permitted to sell CD's DURING your set as long as it does not interrupt the performance.
You can also put a case out for gratuities.
I (Artist/Band) give permission to Surf Coast Arts Inc. to release my name for promotional purposes in media outlets such as Surf Coast Times newspaper and Facebook.
Furthermore I (Artist/Band) allow Surf Coast Arts Inc. to record my performance on multimedia (photos, videos) for the promotion of future events.
I (Artist/Band) agree to arrive at the music stage location and make myself known to the sound engineer AT LEAST 30 minutes before being scheduled to play. Late Arrivals and no shows will have penalties!
I agree to play music appropriate to a market setting i.e. no swearing; not to loud - stage is not permitted to be louder than 85db measured from 10m
I will not bring alcohol to drink whilst I am playing.
I am the responsible contact person authorised to represent the act and will advise of any changes to details;
The applicant hereby warrants that he/she has read and understands all submission information and eligibility criteria provided within this application.
please email if you have any questions
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