Housing discrimination in our neighborhood
If you're not sure if you live in Ward 5, check this map: https://tinyurl.com/h8z458r), or search your address at www.ancfinder.org. Please consider signing this petition to fight discrimination against families of color here in Ward 5.

Organized by ONE DC: http://www.onedconline.org/

I stand firmly against the violent displacement tactics used by Mid-City Financial at the Brookland Manor property, including the erection of fences that restrict free movement within the community, evictions of tenants based on minor infractions, the use of a private, armed security force to enforce arbitrary rules such as “no standing on the grass,” the prohibition of children accessing the playground on the property, and more. These kinds of tactics are egregious attempts to displace tenants from Brookland Manor to make way for luxury apartments.

I support the three major demands of the tenants, as put forth by the Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association:
1. Preserve 535 units of affordable housing at the same bedroom sizes and current subsidy levels
2. Remain on the property during the process of redevelopment
3. Access employment opportunities through the rebuilding of their own community, which they have a fundamental right to be a part of

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