Parent Questionnaire - Scholastic Islamiah
Dear Parent,
As we prepare for the upcoming PTM, we would like to know your areas of concern so that we can adequately address them during our meeting. We feel it is very important that the student and parent jointly review, discuss and then answer the questions below. Having an open conversation with your child regarding his or her school experiences, expectations, achievements and challenges will help you be better prepared when meeting with the teachers and administrators who interact with your child regularly. A strong partnership and open communication between parents, students and the school is key to student success.
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Which level is your child studying in? *
How does your child feel about school?
About how long does your child spend on homework each evening (not applicable for Early Years students)?
What is your child’s favourite subject?
What subject is most difficult for your child?
Does your child participate in any after school hobbies or activities? If yes, please list the activities.
As your child’s teachers, how can we best help your child?
What questions would you like to have answered during the upcoming meeting?
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.
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