MSFC Society Membership Application Form 2021
For 2021 the Society is offering 1 years free membership to all Full and Student members.

This application is for membership from 1st March 2021 to 28th Feb 2022.

Membership fees for all members may increase year on year according to costs and benefits offered. Such increases will only be applied for a full membership year, as above, and new rates will be clearly stated on your registration / renewal form and invoice. We look forward to welcoming you to the Society.
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1. Are you renewing your membership? *
Did you complete CPD in the past 12 months? *
If 'Yes' please log the hours completed below
Definition and examples of each category can be found in the 2018 CPD Proposal, available at
2 hrs or less
2-4 hrs
4-6 hrs
6-8 hrs
over 8 hrs
Shadowing a peer or other para professional
Work Based Learning
Professional Activities
Formal / Educational Activites
Self Directed Learning
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2.Your details
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3. Level of membership required *
4. Other Saddle-Fitting or Saddlery training
Other training providers
If you selected an option in question 4. please give details of the training provider
5. Other Equine Qualifications
6. Professional body membership
7. Your Profile
If applying for Full membership, please tell us about your saddle-fitting business so that we can build a full profile for you on our site. Completion of any of the questions in this section, conveys your permission to use this information on our website. We may also use this information to recommend you as a saddle-fitter, based on your location or specialty, for example, to people who contact the Society looking for a saddle-fitter. We may also use the information below to showcase you in regional equine press - please contact us if you do not wish us to do so.
Country of Residence
Regions Covered
Areas of Specialisation
Saddle Fitting services
Please list below those manufacturers, or brands, that you deal with as an approved retailer:
Your saddle-fitting website
Your Facebook page or profile
8. You and your membership
Please let us know why you are joining, what we can do for you, and what skills and passions you have and are willing to share to help us grow.
Please choose your top three (3) reasons for joining the MSFC Society
Please tell us about any activity or resource you would like the MSFC Society to provide
9. And finally ...
I have read the MSFC Constitution (this can be found here ) *
I have read, understand, and promise to abide by the MSFC Society Code of Conduct whilst a member (this can be found here - *
I will complete and log a minimum of 25hrs 'Continued Professional Development' as suggested in the 2018 CPD Proposal (this can be found here -
Use of your information
The MSFC Society will never sell, or make available, to third parties, your details or any of the information you provide to us. However we would like to use your contact details to let you know about upcoming events or other opportunities, changes to the Society or other pertinent news. Please let us know in the question below, that you are happy for us to contact you. We will do our best to use the medium you prefer.
10. I am happy for the MSFC Society to contact me *
My preferred method of contact. All important announcements will be made on the MSFC Forum group on Facebook. *
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