Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Group - Member Application
We're so excited to have you apply to become a member of the Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Group - A Group by Momique® and Postpartum Health and Harmony! This community and group of mamas is like no other; we're committed to helping pregnant women, new moms, and mothers of children 5 and under have a positive, supported motherhood journey. The focus of this group, specifically, is on the mental, emotional, and social health and wellness of moms.

Because this group is hyper-focused on a supportive, positive motherhood journey, we have an application process to ensure all our members truly are the right fit for our group.

What is the Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Group?

The Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Group (PPSG) is designed to be a mother’s (and a pregnant mama’s) go-to community for all-things related to antenatal and postpartum mental health. PPSG is not meant to replace your in-person friendships, your local support systems, or your relationship with your mental health provider(s); it’s meant to provide access to even greater resources, knowledge, and connection.

Is there a cost to be a member?

Yes. PPSG is designed to be a robust community and offer incredible access to resources and information at the simple click of your Facebook app. The membership fees we charge allow us to have staff dedicated to ensuring a high level of engagement in the group, the curation of amazing content and expertise, and ongoing live (through FB) facilitation a few times a week.

What is the cost?

$30 per month; no long term commitments. Membership is recurring and automatic. To cancel your membership, simply email Please note, there are no partial refunds if you choose to leave the group before your renewal date.

What are the benefits to membership?

-First and foremost, community and support. Moms need a support system. We are that support system.

-Aside from the incredible sense of community and support, we provide weekly Facebook Live "office hours" with Postpartum Health and Harmony and Momique®, discussing any and all topics related to the mental, emotional, or social health and wellbeing of mamas.

-Curated articles and content that is highly relevant to our audience.

-Engagement. There’s nothing worse than joining a group and all you hear are crickets. When you become a member of PPSG, you can count on us to be engaged. We will monitor the group closely to ensure a high degree of engagement and activity by members.

What are the rules?

Our group lives and breathes because of our engaged members. Any member who is part of PPSG must remain an active member of our group, whether that’s through contributions to discussion threads, posting on the group to ask questions or provide original ideas and content, or through interacting with the Facebook Live videos we do.

We believe that everyone who is part of our group WANTS to be here and that each of our members is committed to ensuring we all uphold a positive and supportive culture and community. Because of this, we just ask that you live by the Golden Rule. Treat others how you would like to be treated. That means:

• There is no room for mom shaming. It’s okay to disagree and to have opposing viewpoints. We ask that you respectfully share your opinions and thoughts with others. Admins and moderators of our group reserve the right to close comments or delete comments should anyone overstep the line of respectfulness.

• We all parent differently and that’s okay. So long as we are making the best decisions for our families and we are not hurting ourselves or others through our actions, we ask that our members respect the decisions and actions other mothers take or make.

• We reserve the right to add, update, or modify our rules as we grow.

By submitting this form, you agree to all of the listed terms and rules of Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Group. We will contact you within 72 business hours via email.

Thanks for your interest!


Amanda Veinott - Founder & CEO - Momique, LLC
Laura Winters, LCSW, PMH-C - Founder - Postpartum Health & Harmony, LLC


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