Final Checklist
We take pride in keeping our venue looking its best at all times for our couples & their guests. We are proud of the intense efforts our team takes to manage, maintain & ensure the comfort and safety of all of our guests.
Please carefully review the checklist. After reviewing the checklist contract, please Initial by each paragraph & sign below.
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Timeline, Set-up & Venue
The Homestead Inn; Early access to The Homestead Inn the day before the wedding is not permitted. You will have access to the Main Barn and The Homestead Inn at the time listed on your contract at 8am, not earlier. Rustic Oaks staff will open The Homestead Inn at 8am on the day of your wedding. Please Initial *
May-Oct 24th: The Homestead Inn will need to be cleared of you and your wedding party’s personal items before the ceremony begins. We lock the Homestead Inn when you walk out for the ceremony. You will need to assign an individual for gathering items if any items are left behind at the Homestead. We are not to be held liable for any valuables that are lost or stolen or forgotten. Please Initial & list the name of the individual & a contact number. *
Smoking inside any of our buildings is strictly prohibited. If smoking inside any of our buildings would to occur, an Immediate fee of $250 will be deducted from your damage deposit. Please Initial *
You will need to assign a designated person to clean up any outside ceremony site decorations and personal items immediately following the ceremony. For example: (flower vases, food, arch decorations and personal items). Name & Number of Contact/Please initial *
The following Items are not allowed in the venue. Nails, tape, glue adhesives or hooks. When hanging items in the barn use the existing hooks already in place in our venue or ask the designated venue coordinator for assistance when trying to hang items. Please pre-notify any decorators of our venue policy for hanging items. Other items not allowed in the venue or on the grounds of Rustic Oaks: real flame candles, silk/fake flower petals(birdseed, rice, confetti, and glitter like items). A clean-up fee of $200 will be automatically deducted from the deposit for any of the items listed above. Please Initial *
Fake petals are not great for the environment and can be a pain to clean up. Fake petals are not permitted at Rustic Oaks. Real petals are to be cleaned up immediately following the ceremony. A $200 clean up fee will be deducted from your damage deposit if any petals are not cleaned up immediately following the ceremony or fake petals were used.  Please Initial *
Rustic Oaks provides complementary firewood (located at the firepit area) and will start the fire at your desired time; tending and managing the fire beyond this point is up to the guests utilizing the fire pit. If the fire would burn out we will happily relight it (only if requested.) Please Initial *
Ceremony, Music and Food Vendors
Please list the person responsible to operate the ceremony music. Example; Rustic Oaks Staff/ Band or a DJ etc. (This selected individual will need to be present for 30 minutes prior the ceremony and check in with the venue coordinator before the ceremony begins to if needed to perform a mic check etc.) Please Initial and include a Name & Number of the person who will be the assigned to run the ceremony & music. *
Officiant or Pastor; List who is in charge of running the ceremony & rehearsal. (This individual will need to be present for 30 minutes prior the ceremony and find the venue coordinator before the ceremony begins to perform a mic check etc.) Please Initial and include a Name & Number of the person who will be the assigned to run the ceremony &/or rehearsal *
All non-alcoholic beverages must be provided by Rustic Oaks. Rustic Oaks will take the final event guest count number at the time of your final consultation. Changes to your guest count will not be permitted after your final consultation. Please Initial *
All food will need to be prepared in a commercial kitchen and served by a licensed caterer. Only designated caterers and Rustic Oaks Staff will have access to the Rustic Oaks kitchen. Dinner tables are expected to be cleared by your designated caterer or your assigned individual. Please Initial & list the contact name & phone number of your designated caterer. *
Rustic Oaks reserves the right to refuse use of certain caterers, designers, rental companies, disc jockeys, bands, or any other party or vendor supplying goods or services. Any live band or entertainment needs to be pre-approved by management. Please Initial *
The use of smoke machines, foggers, cold sparklers or the use of pyrotechnics is strictly forbidden on our property. For safety reasons; all fire exits need to remain free, clear & not obstructed & also free of tripping hazards (Example: cords, cases, wires etc.) Please Initial *
Dance Floor; For safety reasons, we do not allow beverages on the dance floor. Please remind your wedding party of our rule on drinks on the dance floor.
Please Initial
If your ivory table linens/napkins are provided by Rustic Oaks, your tablecloths will be dressed by Rustic Oaks Staff; select banquet tables (example: buffet tables) will have the linen staged on the table for you. You or the wedding party would be responsible for folding the napkins. Rustic Oaks will fold your napkins if you upgrade to include the napkin folding service, (located on the ala carte menu). List an individual (name & number) & who is assigned for folding napkins. *
Desserts will need to be set out prior the event & taken care of by your designated individual. Plates and utensils for the dessert will need to be provided by you or your caterer. (This also includes cake cutting utensils) Please notify the individual prior the event that they will be taking care of this service. They will be in charge of set-up & restocking the desserts. Leave the name, phone number, Initial & specify a designated individual for dinner set-up, cleanup, clearing of the plates and serving. *
Alcohol & The Bar
Rustic Oaks has the right to remove and confiscate any personal alcohol containers & outside coolers once the bar is open and operating. Please Initial *
All liquor sales and service are provided by Rustic Oaks; legally, no outside alcohol or consumption of outside alcohol allowed in the event center or on the grounds. Also, coolers and personalized cups are not  allowed inside the venue, when the Rustic Oaks bar is open and operating. Please Initial *
Tailgating in the parking lot or anywhere on the venue grounds is not permitted & against the law.  Liquor liabilities, responsible consumption and the safety of our guests is of utmost importance. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a $500 deduction off the deposit. Please Initial *
Failure to comply if ANY alcohol related issues will result in an immediate $500 deduction off the damage deposit. Please Initial *
If you choose to have a hosted beverage outside, any leftover hosted beverages will be moved inside the bar (and continued to be served inside until gone) when your social hour is complete. Please Initial *
Please designate a person of contact for us to consult with, if any alcohol related issues arise. Please Initial & list an individual below who is not part of the wedding party. *
Parking Lot, Cleanup & Lost & Found Items & The Dromsted Inn
Fire code requires us to keep all fire lanes and vendor drop off areas clear. Parking is not allowed in the fire lane & vendor area, unless unloading or loading decorations. As soon as decorators or vendors are done unloading or loading any items, they will need to move their cars immediately. If you or your guests are staying at The Dromsted Inn, they will need to immediately move their vehicles to the designated parking lot area after unloading or loading. Please Initial *
Animals need to be pre-approved by management. Animals that are being used for the ceremony or pictures need to be taken off the premises and not allowed at the venue following the ceremony. No dogs, cats or any other animals are allowed by you or your guests inside or outside the venue. Please notify your guests that this is our venue policy. Please Initial *
No campers, trailers or RVs are allowed in our parking lot. Camping is not permitted on the property. Failure to comply will result in automatic deduction of $500 from the deposit and towing removal of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. Please Initial *
As prohibited by law, smoking or use of vapes of any kind is strictly prohibited on the whole venue property, unless done in a designated smoking area. The designated smoking area is located at the firepit. Please notify your guests ahead of time before the event. Rustic Oaks' beautiful property has a high risk of fire & cigarette butts that start fires. To help keep our facility clean and beautiful, we ask that you and your guests dispose of vaping cartridges, cigarette butts, cigars & use the provided containers to distinguish any cigarette & cigars. If a substantial amount of cleanup for the items listed above are needed, we will deduct a clean-up fee of $250 from the deposit. Please Initial *
Cleanup in the barn is required to be completed by 1 am. Please list the designated individual (name & number) assigned to clear personal items in the barn. Following your event: anything that you bring into our buildings and grounds-we expect you to remove. Please Initial *
Any excessive amount of littering & garbage before or after the event will result in an immediate deduction of $200 from the deposit. Please make sure all recyclables and trash get placed in their designated bins and guests are respectful of the property. Please Initial *
The Rustic Oaks venue coordinator will receive further instructions to indicate for you on a check-in/check-out time, where to find staff contact information, garbage, recycling etc. If you are lodging: on-site details are printed and displayed in the main level of the Dromsted Inn. Please Initial *
Rustic Oaks is not held liable for any left, lost and/or missing items at the venue. If items are found on the grounds following the wedding date, Rustic Oaks will try to contact you Monday or Tuesday, following your event. If the items are not picked up within seven days, all items will be donated. Please Initial *
Signatures & Date
A Rustic Oaks Staff member will be on-site. If you need anything,  please do not hesitate to call. We are always here and more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.
“By Signing this document, I agree to comply with all the terms and conditions stated above.” *
Please Sign & Date
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