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I understand that my product will be reviewed and may not be accepted into a bundle. If my product is not accepted, I understand that I will still be eligible for 40% commission on sales generated through my affiliate link. *
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I understand that not all students who enroll in WAH School will download or enroll in my product, but I will receive the contact information of the students who do because they will access the product directly from my site. I am free to market to those leads as I see fit and understand the consequences that may occur if I choose to spam those leads or if I choose not nurture those leads at all. *
I understand that earning commission as an affiliate through promoting the summit (before, during, and after the summit) is the only way I will be financially compensated for my participation in WAH School. BCP Media, Inc. is providing marketing and curated leads through WAH School but is not compensating me financially outside of commission I generate through my affiliate link. *
I understand and accept that after the summit launch for WAH School ends, WAH School will remain live (at the higher post-summit prices) and that I can continue to send new traffic to the funnel and continue to earn commission if I choose. *
I would like to participate in the WAH School launch in January 2018 (by promoting the WAH Summit) in order to earn commission on sales (50% as a contributing affiliate) stemming from my affiliate link. *
I've read the ENTIRE affiliate info page and understand how WAH School works, how I can promote it, and what I need to do in order to generate commission. *
If you intend to promote WAH School to earn commission, please upload a completed Form W-9 (PDF file).
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