AYAA SA 2019 Committee Nomination Form
This survey is for nomination of positions for the AYAA SA 2019 committee, to be decided at the AGM.

More information can be found in the SA Chapter committee positions document here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BygC71oLk4KWgSNP8TXoNxH3FNKw1NkuaqtZdHn6iy8/edit?usp=sharing

The roles available include -
Vice Chair
Marketing & Social Media
Sponsorship Officer
University of Adelaide representative
UniSA representative
Flinders University representative
STEM Education Administrative Liaison (SEAL)
Event & Program Coordinator
General Committee

Please select your preference for positions below, with first preference being the position you would like the most.

Any questions feel free to contact Daniel Williams at daniel.williams@ayaa.com.au

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