PVE STEP Enrollment 18-19

1. In order to be eligible to attend Bronco Club, a child must be enrolled in MPS and be PreK-6. (We do not currently offer
BC at MEC.)
2. I/We understand and agree to pay the following tuition and fees in order for my child to attend BC:
a. REGISTRATION FEE: The $25 per child enrollment fee, due at the time of enrollment, is non-refundable.
b. TUITION: Tuition is a weekly rate. Holidays and other scheduled days off are not included in the calculation of the
weekly rate. Tuition is due every Monday by end of business, including holidays.
c. LATE PAYMENT FEE: A late payment fee of $15 will be assessed for any payment that is not received by end of
business each Monday. Because tuition is a weekly rate, late payment fees are charged weekly.
d. LATE PICK UP FEE: If a child is not picked up by closing (5:40pm for elementary; 6:00pm for intermediate) a fee of
$10 will be assessed for each five (5) minute increment a parent is late (e.g. 6:01pm arrival - $10 fee, 6:06pm arrival -
$20 fee). If a child has not been picked up within 30 minutes of closing and attempts to contact parents and
emergency contacts have been made, the police and the Department of Human Services may be called. BC reserves
the right to suspend and/or terminate enrollment for recurrent late pick-up. When a parent is contacted for ANY reason,
the late pick up fee will be assessed beginning one hour after the time of notification.
e. NON-SUFFICIENT FEE: A fee of $25 will be assessed for each returned check or non-sufficient funds notification.
The amount of the returned check plus the $25 fee must be paid by cash or money order. Upon the second occurrence,
all future payments must be made with credit/debit card, money order, or cash.
3. I/We understand written notice is required 5 business days in advance to change attendance days/weeks or withdraw
from the program. Notice allows billing adjustments to be made and additional fees to be avoided. If written notice is
not given, parents are responsible for 5 days' tuition. e.g. If notice is given at 3:00pm on a Tuesday, change/withdrawal
date takes affect the following Tuesday and Tuesday-Monday tuition will be charged. NO REFUND IS GIVEN DUE TO
DISMISSAL FROM THE PROGRAM DUE TO BEHAVIOR ISSUES. An electronic form is available on the Bronco Club
website at www.mustangps.or/BroncoClub.aspx
4. I/We will make other arrangements for emergency closings, delays and early dismissals (e.g. snow days, facility
problems). I/We understand pre-paid tuition for cancelled day(s) will be credited to my child's InTouch account.
5. When picking up my child from BC I will sign him/her out of the program. Identification may be requested, at any time
by Site Coordinator.
6. I/We understand any personal belongings brought to BC are the responsibility of my child. I/We will not hold BC
responsible for replacement or repair of any items that may be lost, stolen, or broken.
7. I/We understand if my child is posing a serious or recurrent behavior issue, he/she may be suspended or dismissed
from the BC program and payment is due for the time a child is suspended. I/We understand hitting, spitting, kicking,
etc. are not tolerated and may result in immediate dismissal from the program. See handbook for additional details.
8. I/We will notify BC personnel in writing if there is a temporary health issue which may inhibit my child's typical daily
routine (e.g. sprained ankle, injured collar bone, elbow - no running, climbing, getting over illness - no physical activity,
9. I/We understand I can select 2, 3, 4, or 5 days per week, at a rate of $12 per day. The minimum weekly tuition I/we can
expect to pay is $24. Days attending cannot change from week to week; for example, if you sign up for Tuesdays and
Thursdays, your child will attend Tues. & Thurs. each week. Notice must be given prior to adjusting attendance, see #3
above. See handbook for additional details.
10. I/We understand divorced/separated parents are jointly and respectively liable for tuition to BC. It is not BC's concern
who pays, only that tuition is paid. I/we agree to pay tuition on time regardless of agreements made between parents.
11. Hours of operation: Elementary closes at 5:40pm; Intermediate closes at 6:00pm. Late pick up fees will be charged.
See handbook for details.
12. I/We agree to read the Parent Handbook, which contains detailed information on Bronco Club policies and procedures
and is available online at www.mustangps.org/BroncoClub.aspx
13. I/We agree to provide legal custody documents if requested by Bronco Club.

*MPS BC does not discriminate in the enrollment of children on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, ancestry or national origin.

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