The RTS Game of Your Dreams
Hi there! We’re the developers of Iron Harvest, an upcoming RTS currently in development.

We want to learn more about you, your gaming habbits and what you expect from a modern RTS. Help us make the RTS of your dreams!

Which of the following statements describe you best? *
How long do you think SINGLEPLAYER missions should be in an RTS *
What would be an appropiate size for a singleplayer campaign in a full-price RTS? *
How long do you think a MULTIPLAYER match should take on average *
Multiplayer maps variety *
Coop campaign / coop multiplayer? *
What's your take on "Base Building"? *
Fast action vs. deep tactics *
I like fast paced action
I like tactics and planning
Many units vs. few specialists *
I like huge armies where I don't have to care about the specifics
I like fewer specialized units I can upgrade and control efficiently
If you could change one thing you don't like in modern RTS games. What would it be?
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If there is one thing you could bring back from an older RTS... what would it be?
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This is the one RTS (or RTS series) we should check out because its awesome:
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