Save Our Economy Now! Five Steps to Keep American Business Alive
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Businesses and non-profit partners:

It is time to stand up for our local businesses. Please sign our petition and show that you stand with us. Our plan involves five key steps that we believe are necessary to help small and mid-sized local and independent businesses (including farms and fishermen) in all communities across the United States survive this crisis.

Five steps to keep American business alive:

- Provide federal assistance to small and mid-size businesses to cover expanded paid leave at 100%, and 100% of their employees’ health insurance.

- Maximize unemployment benefits through federal government assistance so that laid-off employees can pay their bills.

- Restructure and/or defer bank debt and deliver adequate cash into the hands of small and mid-size businesses to cover lost revenue from the shutdown or turndown of business.

- Pay insurance companies to cover standard `business interruption insurance’ for the pandemic.

- Institute a moratorium on evictions, foreclosures, utility shut-offs, and auto/equipment repossessions.
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