Student Placement Test
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1. A: ________________? B: I’m from Italy.
2. This is my brother. ______ name is Jonathan.
3. A: Excuse me, how ________ your last name? B: W.A.N.D.E.L.L
4. I’d like _____ coffee, please.
5. A: _________________? B: No, she isn’t
6. Karl _________ English at home.
7. We ________ sightseeing last weekend.
8. A: ____________ something to drink? B:Yes, please.
9. Mary _________ the train to school every day.
10. Canada is _____________ than France.
11. Rick and Pamela ____ in Miami last summer.
12. There is a big tree ______ of the garden.
13. I don’t like this house. I ‘m going ________ a new one soon.
14. In some countries people drive ________
15. ________ 30 doctors in the hospital.
16. A: _________ to Africa? B: No, never.
17. Silvia eats very little _______ she is on a diet.
18. These are cats _________ I found in my garden.
19. Tomorrow is Sunday, so I ____ get up early.
20. If I __________ taller, I would be a basketball player.
21. I don’t like watching cartoons now, but I ____ watch a lot every day when I was a child.
22. A: I didn’t have dinner last night. B: _______________.
23. Please turn the radio down. It’s _____ loud.
24. I am very ________ about my new house.
25. His car ________ by some burglars last night.
26. Mark has been working here since ____.
27. How about __________ to cinema at the weekend?
28. Can I have a toast? I’m ___________.
29. Would you mind ___________ me about the meeting?
30. Michelle is such a hardworking assistant. She ____________ six months after she started work.
31. Was it George Lucas ________ the film Star Wars?
32. Mrs. Watson, the manager, asked me _____ the message.
33. James will look ________ our cats while we’re on holiday.
34. You may not like the hot weather here in Izmir, but, I’m afraid, you’ll have to __________.
35. Some people think that __________ don’t pay enough tax.
36. As soon as we arrived at the airport, we ____.
37. Please remember _______ the door before you go out.
38. Dorothy’s husband died on a flight from London to Florida because there wasn’t a doctor on the plane. If there __________.
39. Take some cash _____ they don’t accept credit cards.
40. _________ children behave badly because they are given everything they want.
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