Title IX Reform: Anonymous Stories
If you are not ready or do not feel comfortable sharing your story, you are under no obligation or expectation to do so and we stand with you.

This is an anonymous space to share stories about sexual assault and Title IX on Princeton's campus for the purpose of submitting these accounts to the Princeton IX Now website.

You have the right to at any time withdraw your story from the Princeton IX Now website, however we cannot guarantee that another source may not have used an excerpt from your story. If you would like to withdraw your submission at any time, you anonymously submit that request in the space below. If you would like to discuss this, you may email princetonixnow@gmail.com and your name will be kept confidential amongst the small group of individuals that review the stories.

We unfortunately cannot post some stories if they identify individuals other than the writer or administrators. Any story that includes information that makes the survivor or perpetrator reasonably identifiable, then we are unable to post the story for legal reasons. If this is the case, and your story has not been posted, you are welcome to edit it yourself and re-submit.

We ask that you also try to keep your stories related to the implementation of Title IX policies at Princeton. Once again, thank you so much for your courage.

NOTE: Your story may be edited for grammar/spelling mistakes ONLY. For example, we would capitalize the word "title ix" to "Title IX". All such edits would be placed in brackets. If you disagree with any edits to your story placed on the Princeton IX Now website, either submit to the form below with what you would like changed or email us at princetonixnow@gmail.com. I am only human, and I will undoubtably make mistakes in posting these, so please just let me know via the form or email (whichever you feel most comfortable doing) and I will amend any mistakes. Thank you!
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If you would like to upload a file, upload it to your google drive, create a link, enable the sharing permissions of the link to be public, then paste the link below. You may also email the file to princetonixnow@gmail.com - we will not disclose your email or any other identifying information other than what you select in the question below.
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