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The following application is for consideration of approval to use Pitt's crowdfunding Web site, EngagePitt™. Please fill out all field completely. Additionally, we encourage you to submit any documents that you believe will supplement your application. These may include a detailed project outline, a timetable, and/or a budget.

Please be advised that the completion of this application, including securing the appropriate signature approvals, does not guarantee that you will be invited to use the EngagePitt site. Projects will be evaluated by a team of Institutional Advancement staff, who will determine if the crowdfunding Web site is the appropriate venue to raise funds for your project. Their decision is not a reflection of you, your team, or the merit of your project.

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Please note that undergraduate student groups running their first EngagePitt campaign are limited to a 30 day campaign. All other groups may choose to run a campaign for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 56 days.
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