ISRAEL21c Digital Ambassador Application - The Team Campaign Track
Applications are now open for the August 2019 - May 2020 cohort.
Applications are due by June 3.

This is a paid internship with ISRAEL21c. Digital Ambassadors receive a $1,000 stipend (paid in two installments, at midway and end of term completion).

The Digital Ambassador Program is an academic year-long internship for North American college students seeking to develop their digital communication, journalism, and social media skills. ISRAEL21c’s Digital Ambassadors feel a deep passion for Israel and Israeli arts, culture, and innovation. They see social media as a key tool to spreading content about meaningful and unique things happening there. Over the course of a year, Digital Ambassadors will have opportunities to grow the ISRAEL21c brand while taking part in a series of exclusive seminars with industry experts across the digital communications, high-tech, and media sectors.

Program Objectives:
1) Educate and develop participants’ skills in the rapidly growing field of social media and digital communications.
2) Strengthen Digital Ambassadors’ relationships with Israel and Israeli culture.
3) Grow and diversify ISRAEL21c’s audiences by sharing apolitical, positive news from Israel on social media platforms.

Digital Ambassadors are placed in groups of five students who will meet first at a sponsored training retreat in August and then work together virtually throughout the school year. Teams gather again in April to present their projects. Ambassadors also engage with and share ISRAEL21c content in various online communities and report their engagement results.

Internship Requirements:
• Commit to the entire duration of the term (Aug 2018 - May 2020)
• Attend the Training Retreat (Aug 4-6, 2019)
• Dedicate 2-3 hours per week to the internship
• Participate in a required weekly video chat with team members
• Participate in a required monthly social media training call
• Attend the Project Presentations Retreat (in early April 2020)

• 18-25 years old and enrolled in a university
• Experience in social media and digital promotion
• Experience in working with teams and ability to work effectively with others
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Desire to learn more about Israel
• Non-political motivations
• Ability to track and fulfill one’s own work

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Optional: We are also hiring for team leaders. These ambassadors will have additional responsibilities and will also be paid an additional amount. If you have interest in this role, please describe your previous leadership experience here.
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