Let's Improve My Right-of-Way
Do you live in the Brentwood Darlington/Woodstock area? Do you have a right-of-way space at your home that could use improving? If yes and you'd like any help with that process (design, materials, permits if necessary, labor, etc.) then you've come to the right place. Please fill out the information below and we will be happy to use our Umbrella non-profit fiscal sponsorship of this Brentstock Incubators effort and neighborly collaboration to make our awesome neighborhood, even just a little bit awesomer. Thanks!
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Are you the owner or renter of the property with the right-of-way to be improved?
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Which of the below right-of-way designs are most appealing to you?
Are there any specific/unique design elements or plants that you would like included in your right-of-way improvement? (kids' play structure, snowball tree, pull-up bar, big bamboo wind chimes, etc.)
Are you able to water drought tolerant and low maintenance plants in this space during the 1-2 year establishment period?
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What components of the project would you like Brenstock Incubators to assist with?
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