Centaury Pattern Tester Submission Form
Everyone is welcome to sign up as a pattern tester, provided that you:

• realistically have the time available to complete the project on time and be communicative in the testing group.

• have the skill level appropriate for the pattern.

• understand the English language well enough to follow the pattern and to provide feedback.

No-one is discriminated against — nor in favor of — age, gender, sexual orientation, body shape or size, mental or physical ability or disability, nationality, race or ethnic background, religious or political convictions, or similar in pattern tester selection or in fulfilling testing requirements.

For more information on this test, read the Call for Pattern Testers page: https://kristentendyke.com/blogs/calls-for-pattern-testers/call-for-pattern-testers-centaury

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.
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Which size(s) of this sweater would you be interested in making for this test? 1–3" (2.5–7.5 cm) of positive ease is recommended. Select all that apply. If more than one is selected, request your favorite in "other". *
How familiar are you with using the Ravelry Forums? *
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How many years have you been consistently knitting? *
Can you afford to, and have the travel means to obtain the required amount of yarn within the next week? *
Do you have a way to accurately weigh your finished project to determine exactly how much yarn is used? *
Have you ever worked with a designer to test a pattern before? *
Are you currently involved in testing any other patterns? If you are, select "other" and include when that test will be completed *
Have you ever failed to complete a pattern test on time? If so, please explain. *
Can you complete knitting projects by a deadline? *
Are you comfortable following a pattern exactly as it is written? *
Have you ever knit an entire adult sweater before? *
Do you know how to accurately check the gauge of swatches and finished projects? *
Would you like to be added to my pattern testers email list to receive future calls for testers? *
Do you have any additional comments? I'd love to know if you work for a yarn store or yarn company or if you are part of my Patreon community.
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