Fortnite Creative Content Submission
Welcome to the official Fortnite Creative content submission page.

In this survey, we’re going to ask you a few questions about your submission, please fill out all required fields and include all required media assets.

You are required to submit a YouTube video(s) and Imgur Screenshots showing off the following:
- An overhead view (if applicable)
- Interior view

Before you submit, make sure you’re adhering to the official content creation guidelines. Check them out here:

We’re very excited to see what you create!
Please provide the EPIC Display Name that you used to create your submission. We MUST receive this to be able to check your submission and please make sure that the email attached to your ID goes to a valid account that you check. *
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Please join our official creator discord ( and provide your Discord name below so we can contact you easily *
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Please provide an email address we can contact you at.
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What are you submitting? *
Please check out the official content creation guidelines ( ). Have you followed the content creation guidelines with your submission? *
Which Island is your Submission on? Example: Grassy Hill Hub, Artic Island 1, or Sandbar Island 2, etc. *
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Please provide a brief description of your creation:
What is it called? *
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What was your inspiration? *
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What makes it unique? *
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The section below will ask for some media assets showing off your creation. Please provide links using YouTube and Imgur.
-YouTube video showing an overhead view (if applicable)
-YouTube video showing an interior view
Link YouTube Video Here *
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Imgur link for a screenshot showing an overhead view *
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Imgur link for a screenshot showing an interior view *
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Link Reddit Post Here (If Applicable)
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