2019-2020 ASUW Black Student Commission Intern & Specialized Lead Application
The ASUW Black Student Commission is looking for a team of volunteers to further its mission. This year the mission of the commission is to revitalize black community on campus through collaborative programming and events that focus on the strength, healing, representation, and innovation within the black community.

We value all of our volunteers and will make sure that we tailor this experience to fit your career goals. You will learn how to work in a professional environment and have ample opportunity to gain hands on event programming experience. Not many people can say they coordinated events and large social media campaigns including over 1000+ student participants! The programming you want to see is the programming you can create with the Black Student Commission.

-1-3 hours in the office (Specialized Lead)
-3-5 hours in the office (Intern)
-Liaison to designated BSC-affiliated organizations
-Weekly team meetings
-Assist in the holistic programming of events/ campaigns
-Maintain a GPA above 2.5

-Networking Opportunities within ASUW and the Greater Seattle black community
-Professional development workshops led by major black leaders in the Greater Seattle black community
-One-on-One mentoring to ensure the volunteer experience is meeting your career needs
-Event programming experience
-Breakfast, lunch, or dinner provided (as resources available) when doing certain after-hours programs

*During your interview, we will cover more specifics around specializations if one of these is something that interests you.

-Social Media \\ maintain accounts, post frequently on upcoming votes, support Black Organization's posts
-Student Advisory Board Proxy \\ Mondays, 4PM to 5:30PM, represent the BSC and its constituents opinions during meetings with Vice President of Minority Affairs and Diversity and legacy organizations
-Student Senate Proxy \\ Tuesdays, 5PM to 7PM, represent the BSC and its constituents opinions during Senate - the official opinion making body of the University of Washington
-Creative Director \\ Design apparel, work with OCOMM for flyers for upcoming event

-Intern Lead \\ Transition into supervisory role for intern team in January, coordinate winter intern retreat
-Secretary \\ Take meeting notes, check emails, official statements of the BSC
-Events Coordinator \\ Assist in running events, managing logistical details
-Campus Relations \\ Outreach to Black RSOs, maintain close relationship with constituents

If you have any questions, please contact BSC Director at asuwbsc@uw.edu. This application closes on October 14th.
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