Thought For Food Group Coaching
We are excited to start building our first online instructional/coaching products to finally start working with you and help you develop the knowledge and skills to stay healthy for a lifetime. We have amassed an extraordinary amount of data and expertise in this arena and its time to start turning that into something tangible instead of just blasting you with words on the podcast, much of which you are likely to forget. But we want your input to make it the best possible experience for our customers.

To start, we will likely have a class size of 10 people max and will create a series of classes that rotate from month to month focusing on various themes like, “plant-based 101”, or “Fiber” or “Plant-Based Nutrition for the Athlete”, etc and offer guidance on practical approaches for adopting a WFPB diet and lifestyle using meal plans/guides, templates, PDF docs, etc that help walk you through the duration of the course.

We would likely create a private FB group or something of that nature for each class to give you an exclusive and private environment to communicate with your classmates. We'll host a Google Hangout video conference at various times (end of each week perhaps) to help answer questions and offer guidance as you move through the course. The intent of the group coaching courses is to give you the basic tools and skills, along with guidance from Jackson and I, to get started and move forward with confidence. We also want to create more economy and more premium services to fit people's budgets so think of the group coaching as the middle of the road in terms of cost and commitment.

In order to dial this in and transform these ideas into action, we could use your valuable input. We want you to play a role in the development of these services so that they reflect what this community actually NEEDS as opposed to us just guessing.

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