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Join us for Fall Conference!

This is an incredible weekend (Fri 9/29-Sun 10/1) of meeting with God on beautiful Catalina Island in the company of friends! After a month of classes, it's good to get away and re/connect with God and have time to refocus on the big things of life.

The cost is $152, and we have scholarships so that money is not a barrier to anyone coming. Fill out this request form, and one of our treasurers will get back to you ASAP with what we can give you.

As you contemplate how much to request, please first consider if there are other places you can secure funds. At Scripps, each student can have FAC funding each year up to $100. Please use that first. Remember to ask family if they have means. Then as you have need, figure out what X is. X is the cost that would allow you to come to Fall Con. So if Fall Con cost $X, you could come. So then you make a request for $152 - $X, and that's what we'll try to give you.

Questions, contact one of our treasurers.
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In this section please tell us how much of a scholarship you think you will need to make it possible for you to attend Fall Con, and please also talk briefly about how you arrived at this number. Possible things to consider: availability of personal income, asking parents, relatives, budgeting/saving money, etc. If there are any special circumstances you would like to share, please do so here.
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