Survey: Strategic Plan
Thanks for answering the four questions below to provide feedback to the district as we create our strategic plan.
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The Northwest Local School District will create a responsive learning community where all students are valued, challenged, and guided along a pathway to success.

Core Beliefs:

--Building and maintaining collaborative relationships with community members is foundational to teaching and learning in NWLSD.
--Students and staff excel best when they feel welcomed in the building, safe in their classrooms, and trustful of each other.
--All students and staff can learn and deserve opportunities to show and achieve success guided by the individual.
--We value diversity and work to understand each other.
--We have high expectations and provide holistic support to ensure success for all.

Please review the Mission and Core Beliefs of the district. How well do these align with your expectations for the district? *
Teaching and learning in the Northwest Local Schools will:
--Cultivate healthy relationships
--Create a supportive social emotional culture
--Inspire learners to adapt, be resilient, collaborate, and problem solve
--Provide learning experiences that empower students to contribute to a future not yet imagined
Please review the Vision of teaching and learning for the district. How well do these align with your expectations for the district? *
If the district consistently focuses on this mission, vision, and set of core beliefs, how confident are you that students will be prepared for success after graduation? *
Please provide any feedback about the mission, vision, and core beliefs below:
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