1:1 Body Confidence & Food Freedom Experience
✨The VIP 1:1 Body Confidence & Food Freedom Experience✨

An exclusive opportunity for the woman who...

-Wants to overcome Emotional Eating, food guilt & shame because no one deserves to have anxiety when walking into the kitchen.

-Wants to find food freedom and ditch all the diets in the dust.

-Wants to finally feel like she is worthy right now rather than constantly doubting herself and her abilities.

-Wants to feel confident and love her body now rather than be constantly comparing her body to everyone else.

-Wants to lose weight mindfully and stop being a SLAVE to the scale.

This woman will be working one on one with me to conquer her inner battles and step into the new confidently free her. She will feel abundant and worthy in the skin she is in. She will radiate confidence and positivity to HER CORE. She will conquer her food and inner self battles and will finally feel FREE & SAFE in her body. She will step into her true self and will FINALLY be able to truly live the life she deserves. This woman will go through a total mind, body and soul transformation to become the woman she knows she deserves to be.

After working one on one with me, this woman will..


If this woman is you & you are ready to up level and finally step into your power. Fill out this form & if I will reach out to yiu to set up a time for a call to see if it is a good fit!

Can't wait to connect babe!

xoxo Kate
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This Call is only with women who are 100% READY to change and finally work towards loving their bodies and finding food freedom! If we get on a call that means you are SOOOO READY to change, put in the work & are a HELL YES women if we are a perfect fit to work together? Is that you? *
Thank you so much for filling this out & connecting! I will review this and If I think we will be a good fit, I will send you the information to set up a call to see if were a good fit together!

Cannot Wait to chat soon!

xoxo Kate Dwinell
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