Survey questionnaire to investigate the perceptions of medical physicists towards relevance and impact of artificial intelligence (AI)
1. To determine the awareness of medical physicists regarding AI.
2. To determine the perceptions of medical physicists on the relevance and impact of AI in the practice of medical physics.

No personal information will be captured in this survey.
The results will be published in an international journal.

* Artificial Intelligence (AI) is broadly referred to as ‘the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.’ – Oxford Dictionary

Thanks to your participation.

Kwan H Ng, Josilene C Santos, Vinod Pallath

Please rate your agreement with the following questions:
1. AI will play an important role in the practice of medical physicists.
2. More and more applications such as quality control, treatment planning will be performed by AI
3. In my opinion, AI will threaten/disrupt the medical physicists’ practice and career.
4. All medical physicists should acquire at least some basic knowledge of AI.
5. AI should be taught in the postgraduate medical physics programme
6. I have a basic understanding of AI (relevant to my field).
7. I have a working knowledge of AI (relevant to my field).
8. I have a relevant skills in AI.
9. I am proficient in AI (able to design, code and implement).
10. I understand the limitations of AI
11. My knowledge of AI is:
12. My skill in AI is developed through:
13. I am ready to learn and apply AI in my practice
Tell us about you:
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My age is:
My highest qualification(s) attained:
I am currently a/an:
I am affiliated with:
I live in:
Your comment (if any):
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