Restaurant and Chai Shop Application
If you want to participate at Mo:Dem 2019 and enrich the Festival's offer of Restaurants & Chai Shops this is the place for you.

Our interest is to make people happy with good and extra quality food. Considering that we have built positive experience with some shops in previous editions and we will always give them an advantage, but also we are looking forward to opening the space for some new food projects.
Fill in the form with extra care!

We accept applications until 31st December 2018, so hurry up!

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Our new concept brings the infrastructure upgrades, with the aim of more efficient and fairer distribution of space for trade. Selling area will be organised with fence panels and you can choose one variant of FRONT x DEPTH size in meters. It will not be possible to build up your own tents. All other equipment to organise your shop inside is required.
Additional space behind the serving and preparing area *
Describe space you need for personal use (storage, fridge, car/van). Define size in FRONT x DEPTH meters. (ex. van+storage 7x4 m)
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Electric power supply "Schuko" (220V - 5,10 or 16 A)
3-phase high voltage industrial plug (16A CEE / 32A CEE, 3 or 5 pins)
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Amount of waste produced per day *
Make a rough estimate of the amount of waste water in liters, food waste in kg, plastic, aluminium and glass in bags.
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