Forming a WMI Fellowship
Forming an official WMI Fellowship in a new nation takes time, commitment and lots of dedication. As an individual or group, you are taking on the responsibility to bring together many diverse Student Scholars and Graduate Scholars within your nation to work towards a common goal. You are starting something big, something HUGE and WMI is VERY excited and proud of your leadership initiative.

To become formally recognized by WMI your nation will need to complete this form. This form was designed to help nations think about the Founding Committee, Fellowship Structure, Leadership Structure, Membership, Membership Dues, Outreach & Communication and The First Formal Meeting. Once submitted, your form will be reviewed and WMI will be in contact to provide you with personalized group feedback. Your Fellowship will soon be inaugurated and formally recognized by the Wells Mountain Initiative.

For all questions, please write to Nicole at

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Do you have at least 3 WMI Scholars (Students or Graduates) who are committed to being members of the Founding Committee and holding leadership positions for at least one year, perhaps longer? *
If yes, list their names, current WMI Scholar status and contact information.
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If yes, what leadership roles will these WMI Scholars be appointed? List their names and leadership titles.
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If yes, what are the responsibilities of these roles for founding committee members? List responsibilities for each position.
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If not, how can WMI help you to develop this Founding Committee?
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