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Dear neighbor,

Thank you for volunteering to pick up family meal packs at Eastie Farm 294 Sumner Street (or occasionally a different nearby location -- you will be informed on the previous day) and drop them off to our neighbors experiencing food shortage at this time of economic hardship. Please sign up for as many pickup-and-delivery time slots as you are willing and able to support. (If you'd like to volunteer in another way, please email us at eastiefarm@gmail.com)

If you don't have mask or gloves, we will have some for you at the farm.
The times below are the start times for pickup. Once you sign up, you may get a note if there is a need for staggering and you are asked to come a little later to avoid waiting.
We all care about each other, which is why we are doing this, but note you are ultimately responsible for your own safety -- not any other volunteer, staff, or organization.
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What dates and times work best for you? (The times below are for pickup. After the pickup, you'd want to give yourself an hour to do the delivery. Most times, it's less than an hour. The more drivers there are, the fewer families each driver will deliver to, and the shorter it will take :))
May 18, Monday
May 19, Tuesday
May 20, Wednesday
May 21, Thursday
May 22, Friday
May 23, Saturday
May 25, Monday
May 26, Tuesday
May 27, Wednesday
May 28, Thursday
May 29, Friday
Comments and/or questions (Let us know your availability is unpredictable but you're willing and able and would like to be contacted on the day of or previous day)
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