Women-founded Coworking Spaces Map
The are many coworking spaces around the world. According to 2016 Coworking Outlook Report(by deskmag & coworkaholic), the number of coworking spaces worldwide will be expected at 12,700 in 2017.

Among them, Hyekyung Hwang and Jongjin Choi(me) found just only 88 coworking spaces created by women. We think that it occupies a small number of coworking space numbers around the world.

We made “Women-founded Coworking Spaces Map” on Google. And we think Women-founded coworking space should be increased. If you know other coworking spaces founded by women, please let me know. We will add it to the list.

And please share this map or list. Thanks.

*If there are any women among the founders, please submit this form.

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