Chromebook repairs
Please use this form to submit student repairs to Chromebooks during the summer. This is only for repairs that make the Chromebook unusable. For example, if a key is missing but you are still able to type, please try to utilize the Chromebook you have, but if your screen is cracked and in need of repair, that would be an unusable reason.

Please bring your Chromebook and charger to the HS 9th grade Annex for repairs. The address is 198 North Hartman St. Manchester, PA 17345. We will be here 10:00 to 11:30 every Monday. If we can not fix it we will set up another Chromebook for you. Please stay in your car, pull up to the curb, and a tech will be out to help you.

****Please bring your charger along with you. You might not receive the same model depending on inventory****

At home troubleshooting tips:

If your Chromebook is having issues, please try the following tips before submitting a ticket:

1.) First, try hitting the Refresh key + Power key at the same time. This will restart the Chromebook. The refresh key is an arrow making a circle. It is above the number 4 key.

2.) If you are having trouble loading websites, First make sure the Chromebook is connected to your wifi. You can see the wifi status at the bottom right corner of your Chromebook. Click on the time and click on wifi to make sure it is connected.

3.) If you are connected to wifi and still have issues loading a website or page, please try clearing the browser cache and cookies. You can do this by opening chrome, and at the top right-hand corner click on the 3 dots. Then go to more tools > clear browsing data. Under the time range, choose all time. Then checkmark cookies and other site data, and cached images and files. Then click clear data. This will take some time. Once it starts it will show a spinning icon. It will close the window automatically when finished. You can then try loading the site again.
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